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LCD Front Panel Set:

2x16 LCD w/HD44780 controller, 4 push buttons, 3 LEDs and a 2x12 pin header.

L.C.D. Front Panel Set: 2x16 L.C.D. w/HD44780 controller, 4 push buttons, 3 LEDs and a 2x12 pin header.

Pete says: "Your 2x16 LCD panel is hot! Any chance you have a 4x24 unit in the works?" James Newton answers Sorry, no. These are one of a kind, overstock items that will no longer be available when the existing stock runs out. I can't begin to make such an item for this price.

juanmarod says: "Thank you. Very good Displays. Every think ok. I put you a positive feedbak on Ebay."

John Muchow says: "James, I just received my order of three LCD Front Panels, thanks for the great service! I'm looking forward to getting my PICs hooked up to them. :-)"

Tom Lackamp says: "I spread the module's pins out at a 45 degree angle, then took the last .200 or .250 inch and formed them back to the vertical so I could plug them into the breadboard using .300 spacing." Toms modification allows the LCD module to be used with a standard "whiteboard" breadboarding system. Since the connector pins are quite long, even after being bent, they seat into the breadboard firmly.

Bud Justen points out that an old IDE or other 2x12 or better cable will plug right into the header and provided some nice instructions and code for using it with the popular Arduino. Richard Cooke provided a sample project with the PICAXE BASIC system and an ADC test circuit.

Measurements in millimeters and inches.

Pin Label Description Ratings
1 Udd Supply voltage: 5V+-0.25 Max:-0.3-6.5
2 Uss GND  
3 RS Register Select: 0-5V Max:-0.3-Udd+0.3
4 NC No connection  
5 E Read /write enable 0-5V Max: -0.3-Udd+0.3
6 R/W Read /write select
7 DB1 Data bits
8 DB0
9 DB3
10 DB2
11 DB5
12 DB4
13 DB7
14 DB6
15 CLED LED C (+) Max:3V 25mA
16 ALED LED A (+) Max:3V 25mA
17 S1 Switch 1 Max:24Vdc 50mA
18 BLED LED B (+) Max:3V 25mA
19 S3 Switch 3 Max:24Vdc 50mA
20 S2 Switch 2 Max:24Vdc 50mA
21 S4 Switch 4 Max:24Vdc 50mA
22 NC No connection  
23 Uss GND  
24 Udd Supply voltage  

Schematic (many thanks to Ray Pasco for this improved version)

Arnbient Temperature Range: 32...122'F (0...50'C)
Storage Temperature Range: -13...158'F (-25...70'C)



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<A HREF=""> L.C.D. Front Panel Set: 2x16 L.C.D. w/HD44780 controller, 4 push buttons, 3 LEDs and a 2x12 pin header.</A>

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