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BDSM Needle Play


by fallen-dark-angel

Introduction by Master Baiter:

First, please don't assume that everyone involved in BDSM is involved in anything as heavy as needles. Some people just like a good spanking or some scarves around the wrists once in a while.

It may seem horrible to some people that there are actually those who enjoy being pierced by needles. I know, personally, that it is possible to feel pain, not as pain, but actually as pleasure under the right conditions. They are, after all, both just sensations... in some people, called masochists, the sensation of pain appears to be "crosswired" to the sensation of pleasure.

It may also be disturbing to people that some others are interested in applying needles to others. If it upsets you, go yell at your local acupuncturist or the tech at the blood bank at the same time. I don't see a difference.

In general, as long as it is done with mutual consent, and with care for safety as described here, please respect the right of others to practice what they wish in their own homes.

Some hints and advice for needle play beginners

by fallen-dark-angel

Do not attempt to temporarily pierce a person without proper training and education.


Have everything you need set up BEFORE you start.

The piercer should always wear latex or vinyl exam gloves and change them frequently. Always wear new gloves for each person pierced in a group scene to avoid cross-infection. Some have latex allergies. Vinyl gloves are more expensive, but are of excellent quality and do not have the powdery gunk.

Be safe, double-glove. Learn how to remove the gloves without touching the bloodied outside of the gloves.

Remember: You are most likely to contaminate the Top, the bottom is giving blood, not receiving it.

Use antibacterial soap to prepare the skin before play, and use antiseptic immediately before and after piercing.

Wash your hands for as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday fully.

Always use brand new sterile needles, usually 18-25 gauge, one inch or longer is recommended. I'd go with 1.5 inches if you are doing 22 gauge. For beginners, 22 gauge is a good start. 18 gets to be quite a lot larger.

Aspirin and alcohol enhances bleeding and should be avoided if blood flow is not desired

All the bio-hazardous waste (needles, gloves, swabs or alcohol preps) should be disposed of in a biohazard container. NEVER JUST THROW THEM IN A BIN OR A BAG!!!!!


Prep the area to be pierced with alcohol and iodine. Remove the iodine with iodine removal pads. Make sure the "victim" is comfortable and ready. I would recommend telling the bottom to take a deep breath right before inserting the needle, and then slowly releasing it as you pierce through. Personally I prefer to have a blindfold when being pierced, it heightens the senses but also takes the “fear” factor out of it for me.

The needle should travel just underneath the surface (the subcutaneous layers) of ordinary skin, to emerge through the skin a short distance from where it was inserted. Be cautious of shallow piercings if they are intended to stay in. They can easily be ripped out and tear the skin.

Don't pierce wrists, hands, internal organs, bones, eyes or the spine. Avoid the armpit, sternum and areas with many veins.

Play piercing involving the genitals is a special topic, with special precautions that must be followed to avoid causing permanent damage; don't try any sort of genital piercing without further training from someone who is familiar with and competent at genital piercing.

Check-in with the bottom often. Is she/he faint, going pale or shaking? These are common reactions to the flood of hormones and neurotransmitters circulating throughout the body. Have water, a first aid kit and blankets nearby. My advice is never pierce somebody alone until you are secure with it. If you both pass out, what then?


You need after care for:

Aftercare for needle-play should include monitoring the bottom for signs of shock, emotional reactions etc. Some times reactions set in long after the needle-play itself is over. Sometimes after-care can repair a scene gone wrong, or help both parties process their feelings about what just occurred. Do not use this time to negotiate, just be there with each other and come down from the high. The bonding that happens during after-care can open up more closeness and trust to allow your BDSM relationship to deepen and feel meaningful on a spiritual level as well.




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