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Message [302]


My source assembles with the following message:

Message[302] myfile.ASM 136 :
Register in operand not in bank 0.  Ensure that bank bits are correct.

What am I doing wrong? This isn't an error, but it obviously means that something doesn't look right to mpasm and I am not trying to do anything unusual at all.


Its just a warning that you need to select the correct bank since you are addressing a register over 0x7F, however, even if you have inserted the banksel command, you will still get the same warning (not an overly intellegent assembler here).

You can remove the warning message by inserting the following at the top of your file

ERRORLEVEL -302 ;remove message about using proper bank

But if you do make a mistake, the assembler will not catch it and this type of error can be very hard to debug.

Dwayne Reid of Trinity Electronics Systems Ltd Edmonton, AB, CANADA says

Not a problem - just a warning message that MPASM noticed that you were writing to a register with an address higher than 0x7F. The message is remind you to check that you have set the ram page bits correctly.

I use macros to ensure that the message is generated only if I've been careless. I'll give a couple of them here - you can extend them to all the opcodes that you may use or email me privately and I'll send the whole lot to you. [If you] set the ram page bits, then use [for example]

    movwf1      TRISB

[rather than]

    movwf TRISB

No more error message.

The reason for inverting the MSB in the following macros instead of just masking it is to make sure that I'm paying attention to what page I'm in - if I am in page 0 and use a page 1 macro, I get the warning message.

Macros follow:

rampg0          MACRO                   ;set RAM page 0
    bcf         _RP0

rampg1          MACRO                   ;set RAM page 1
    bsf         _RP0

rampg2          MACRO                   ;set RAM page 2
    error Ram Page 2 not available on this part

rampg3          MACRO                   ;set RAM page 3
    error Ram Page 3 not available on this part

bcf1            MACRO   reg,bit         ;diddle bits in RAM bank 1
    bcf         (reg^0x80),bit          ;invert MSB

bsf1            MACRO   reg,bit         ;diddle bits in RAM bank 1
    bsf         (reg^0x80),bit          ;invert MSB

movwf1          MACRO   arg             ;diddle regs in RAM bank 1
    movwf       (arg^0x80)              ;invert MSB

movfw1          MACRO   arg             ;diddle regs in RAM bank 1
    movfw       (arg^0x80)              ;invert MSB

swapf1          MACRO   arg,d           ;diddle regs in RAM bank 1
    swapf       (arg^0x80),d            ;invert MSB

andwf1          MACRO   arg,d           ;diddle regs in RAM bank 1
    andwf       (arg^0x80),d            ;invert MSB




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