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PIC Microcontroller Books

cover Easy Microcontrol'n, A Beginner's Guide to Using the PIC Microcontroller by David Benson top rated with 5 stars at Amazon!
An easy-to-read introductory text with many hands-on examples. Focuses on the old PIC16F84A, however, the commands are the same for most PIC models. Home published. Very clear writing, no techno speak. This is a total beginers book. If you have some basic knowledge in electronics, and the hexadecimal number system then this will teach you the PIC microcontroller from scratch.
Available from (used only, insane prices), (credit card only),
cover C What Happens, Using PIC® Microcontrollers and the CCS C Compiler, , by David Benson $34.95, 183 pages Great NEW book!
If you have an interest in C programming and PIC's this book is for you. It progresses logically from simple to more complex concepts and examples, using a simple circuit described in the book.
Available from (credit card only)
Microcontrol'n Apps (was PIC'n up the Pace), PIC Microcontroller Applications Guide by David Benson
For intermediate users. Put together in a clean simple way and doesn't blind you with (confusing) science. Op amps, serial coms, shift registers, eeproms, LCDs, keypads, DACs, ADC, sensors, camparators, math, decimal number conversion, thermometers, voltmeters, RS232, Data logger, 16F628, 12F675, 16F870, 16F877, device programming, debugging, using the ICD, practical advice to get you from idea to finished project.
Available from (used only, insane prices), (credit card only)
Time'n and Count'n, PIC Microcontroller Applications Guide by David Benson
Covers intermediate level applications such as timing, measurement, graphing, and serial communications.
Available from (used only, insane prices), (credit card only)
Serial Communications (was Serial PIC'n), PIC Microcontroller Serial Communications by Roger L. Stevens Top rated at
A massive book. About half code listings. Covers RS232, I2C, SPI, Microwire, and Dallas Semi's 1-wire bus in great detail. Not for PIC beginners, but excellent for those who are ready to learn about serial coms with the PIC.
Available from (used only, insane prices), (credit card only)
cover Easy Step'n, An Introduction to Stepper Motors for the Experimenter by David Benson, 198 pages ...determine surplus motor electrical and mechanical specs by using easy-to-build electrical and mechanical test equipment. Design and build PIC based stepper controllers and drivers. A very complete overview of everything you need to know to move objects with steppers. Ideal for anyone converting a mill or lath to numerical control.
Available from (credit card only),
Easy CNC, A Beginner's Guide to CNC by David Benson 181 pages. How to generate G-Code from just about anything (bitmap, DFX, CAD programs, etc...), feed it to a CAM program and actually get something other than broken tool bits.
This BRAND NEW book is available from (credit card only),
cover Programming and Customizing the Pic Micro Second Edition by Myke Predko
For pros and advanced hobbyists. Second Edition covers the 16F876/877. This book is by most accounts the best book around on the subject. It would be perfect except for a number of tyographical errors and being just slighly out of date. Available from,
cover Embedded Design with the PIC18F452 Microcontroller by John B. Peatman top rated with 4.5 stars at Amazon!
Code templates introduce readers to this new (2002) part. Examples for typical usages of LCD displays, A/D, Interrupts, I/O pin considerations, timers, math subroutines, I2C/SMBus usage, UART, etc. There are supporting code template designed to suggest possible code organization. The book develops a very useful utility (SASM) to preprocess PIC assembly in an attempt to make assembly language more structured. The utility IS NOT required and the rest of the book may be read without using the utility. Written for a semester long college course. Plenty of detailed illustrations. Sample problems at the end of each chapter. A blank PCB for the "QwikFlash" development board is included with the book which can be populated with parts from Digikey or other supplier for about $60. The firmware for the "QuickBug" bootloader is available from
Available from
The Quintessential PIC Microcontroller by Sid Katzen
Uses the PIC16F84 as the exemplar (and uses words like "exemplar", "whilst", and "quintessential"). Exhaustive, serious, but still sort of electronics-hobbyist friendly. Lots of examples, both theoretical and practical. All 16Fxxxx peripherals such as Capture/Compare/PWM, ADCs, comparators covered. If you turn corncobs into diamonds, this is your book!
PIC: Your Personal Introductory Course by John Morton
Good introduction.
The PIC Source Book (Available Online) by Scott Edwards, 1994.
PIC Microcontroller Project Book
123 PIC Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius
Available from:, New or Used at
PIC Robotics: A Beginner's Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PIC Micro PIC Robotics: A Beginner's Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PIC Micro
Available: Used from
PIC Microcontrollers, 50 projects for beginners and experts                             top rated with 5 stars at!
is written by Bert van Dam. This beautiful book contains 50 fun and exciting projects using microcontrollers.

You can use it as projects book and build the projects for your own use. The clear explanations, schematics, and pictures of each project on a breadboard make this a fun activity.

You can also use it as a study guide. The technical background information in each project explains why the project is set up the way it is, including the use of datasheets. This way you'll learn a lot about the project and the microcontroller being used, and you can expand the project to suit your own needsýmaking it ideal for use in schools and colleges.

This book can also be used as a reference guide. The explanation of the JAL programming language and all of the expansion libraries used is unique. Using the index, you can easily locate projects that serve as examples for the main commands. Even after you've built all the projects it will still be a valuable reference guide to keep next to your PC.

Available in Dutch,  English and Greek. Order this book in Dutch at or Elektor or in bookstores and electronic component stores in the Netherlands and Belgium (ISBN  978-90-5381-210-5). Or order the book in English at or in bookstores and electronic component stores anywhere in the world (ISBN 978-0-905705-70-5). Or order the book in Greek at (this is an e-book for immediate download).

Don't miss out on these fun projects, order your copy now!

Microcontroladores PIC 50 Proyectos para Principiantes y Expertos Mayo de 2009 previsto

Kunstmatige Intelligentie - breng uw microcontroller to leven!
is geschreven door Bert van Dam, en bevat ruim 20 bijzondere en spannende projecten over kunstmatige intelligentie en lerende machines, voor PIC microcontroller en PC.

Leer hoe u een neuraal netwerk in een microcontroller opzet, en hoe u het netwerk zelflerend kunt maken. Ontdek hoe u robots kunt kweken, en hoe u door verandering van een fitness functie een totaal ander gedrag krijgt.

Merk hoe een PC programma uw zwakke punten vindt en deze in een spelletje meedogenloos uitbuit. Bouw een robot met een eigen wil, of laat een robot uw parket stofvrij houden.

Talloze technieken uit de kunstmatige intelligentie komen in de projecten aan de orde zoals expert systeem, neuraal netwerk, subsumptie, emergent gedrag, genetisch algoritme, cellulaire automaat en roulette hersenen. Ieder project bevat duidelijke instructies met schema's en foto's zodat u meteen aan de slag kunt. Overal vindt u ideeën en veel literatuur verwijzingen om nog veel meer projecten te kunnen maken. Zelfs als u alle projecten uit dit boek gemaakt hebt zal het zodoende nog lang als ideeënboek en naslagwerk naast uw PC blijven staan.

Een uniek boek voor iedereen met interesse in kunstmatige intelligentie en lerende machines.

Available in Dutch only. Order this book at or in bookstores and electronic component stores in the Netherlands and Belgium (ISBN  978-90-5381-221-1).

Artificial Intelligence - 23 projects to bring life to your microcontroller! expected April 2009.

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