Softy - Enhancement Wishlist

I thought it might be useful to list some of the enhancement requests I've received. Inclusion doesn't mean I'm going to do it soon (or even at all). However, if you think a particular enhancement would be useful to you (or even if it would make things worse), leave a comment in the Guestbook. If you've already made comments and suggestions, and they're not listed, I haven't discarded them. Put it down to lack of time.

1 Top of the list at present is an 'Undo'. A complete Undo will take time, but if there's a particular action that causes bother (selecting and moving a contour instead of a point?), let me know.

2 More keyboard shortcuts for the touch typists among you. Again, anything in particular?

3 Additional guidelines for height, etc.

4 Facility to select and move a group of points.

5 Enhance the Glyph / Map dialog to list any character codes currently mapped to the selected glyph, and add the facility to 'unmap' any or all of them.

6 Optional additional small viewing window to show effect of changes to character before update.

7 Font preview facility. Show sample text using current font.

8 Better / more drawing tools for circles, vertical / horizontal lines.

9 A grid in the TrueType window. I'm not sure about this. Is it an alternative to additional guidelines and better tools?