Version History

Version 1.07 fixed bugs listed for 1.06b and added facilities (switched on only with valid registration code) to view, update and create kerning pairs and to generate output of Bitmap fonts in BDF format.

Version 106b fixed the bugs listed for version 1.06a. Some features were amended to accommodate displays with a higher resolution than 640x480. Other included the addition of some accelerator keys. Boxes to enter registration details were added to the startup screen

Version 106a fixed the bugs listed for 1.06, activated the Line Up / Down scroll bar arrows in the TT Edit Window, made the reporting of checksum errors an option and made the Font Embedding control and Lowest Usable PPEM properties visible.

Version 1.06 fixed the bugs listed for version 1.05. It also added support for direct update and creation of .FON and .FNT bitmap font files and allows them to be created from bitmaps generated from installed TTF fonts.

Version 1.05 was the first version available as shareware.