Softy BUGS - known errors by version

Known Errors in Softy 1.07b

107b/1 The use of the 'Home' key to select the first point in the current Contour does not work correctly. It can cause an apparent linkage to a previously selected contour

107b/2 Selecting the TrueType Glyph menu before a New font has been started, or an existing font opened can cause Softy to crash.

107b/3 HP soft fonts are output with incorrect character widths.

107b/4 Clicking above or to the left of the character grid when editing a bitmap font can cause a system crash.

Known Errors in Softy 1.07a

107a/1 When creating a bitmap font by getting the bitmaps from an installed TT font, some characters may be garbled.

107a/2 Creating a Glyph by outlining a template pasted from the Clipboard may not work (i.e nothing happens). This applies both to bitmaps copied to the Clipboard from other programs and to bitmap characters copied from Softy's bitmap font editing window.

Known Errors in Softy 1.07

107/1 If a new monospaced TTF file is created, all glyphs are given and initial width of zero, even if a valid value has been entered in the Font/Metrics width box.

107/2 Some recent TT fonts which include additional (lengthy) 'Names' cause Softy to crash.

107/2 Large glyphs (i.e. with coordinates approaching the limits of +16383/-16384) are not displayed correctly.

Known Errors in Softy 1.06b

106b/1 Fonts with 'glyf' tables 128K still can cause problems (see 106a/3).

106b/2 Updating the names in a TTF file can corrupt the name table where some of the entries are empty.

106b/3 Some FON files produced by Fontographer can not be updated with this and earlier versions of Softy.

106b/4 If a glyph is deleted, the kerning values table, if present, is not updated to reflect the changed glyph index numbers.

106b/5 Adding a fourth font to a .FON file leaves the file corrupt.

106b/6 Glyph/Outline Template causes Softy to loop amd hang. This occurs when the left hand guideline in the main window cuts into the template. As a workround, move the guideline to the left so that it clears the template before outlining.

106b/7 Changing the Weight and Width fields in the TTF Font Attributes has no effect.

Known Errors in Softy 1.06a

106a/1 When extracting a bitmapped font from a .FON file, somtimes the Font Name is not picked up correctly. A name should be entered using the Font / Header dialog before the font is saved.

106a/2 When opening some FON files, a list containing several apparently identical fonts may be displayed for selection. This is probably due to the fonts being for different display resolutions, which are not being shown.

106a/3 Fonts with 'glyf' tables 128K in size cause Softy to crash when trying to update a glyph.

Known Errors in Softy 1.06

106/1 Fonts with 'glyf' tables 64K in size, like the NT versions of Arial and Times cause Softy to crash, either on loading or trying to update a glyph.

106/2 If the only change made to a glyph or contour is to set all points on or off curve, the glyph cannot be updated.

106/3 Getting the bitmaps for some TTF fonts causes a crash when some bitmaps extend above the font cell height.

106/4 Getting the bitmaps for most(all?) TTF fonts fails under WinNT

106/5 Deleting a glyph will result in any character mapped to the next glyph being unmapped (i.e. mapped to glyph zero). For example, if the glyphs are held in character code sequence, deleting the glyph for 'f' could result in the character 'g' being removed from symbol sets, although its glyph would still be there.

106/6 Updating the EM Size field in the Font/Metrics dialog box has no effect.

Known bugs in Softy 1.05

105/1 Updating character map fails with 'Out of memory' message 'Could not increase memory to -27... for Table'. Occurs when the character set includes codes both above and below 32768! Typical affected fonts are ones that have normal ANSI codes together with the odd symbol font type code (61440 and above).

105/2 Deleting glyphs does not work, and usually causes a crash.

105/3 Clicking on Glyph/New before closing a contour being drawn in the Edit window causes crash after confirming update of current Glyph.

105/4 Changing character widths in some fonts seems to have no effect. The hdmx table (not all fonts have one) is not updated at this version. Any glyph widths changed are not applied to this table. If the font is used at a ppem with an hdmx entry, the hdmx glyph widths are used instead of the amended widths.