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Language Pcl LJ2049.ASC


     In addition to the eight shading patterns and six cross
     hatch patterns, users can design their own patterns
     (area fill).  These user-defined patterns are
     downloaded to the printer.


     WIDTH "LPT1:",255             Prevents Basic from
                                   inserting an unwanted
                                   carriage return after 80
                                   characters are printed.
     LPRINT CHR$(27);"E";          Resets the printer.
     LPRINT CHR$(27);"*c32G";      Defines a pattern area
                                   fill ID number.
     LPRINT CHR$(27);"*c76W";      Gives the number of bytes
                                   used in the pattern.
     FOR I = 1 TO 76               Starts a loop of 76

     READ A                        Reads a data point.
     LPRINT CHR$(A);               Tells Basic to print the
                                   current byte value.
     NEXT I                        Advances loop one step.
     DATA 20,0,1,0,0,16,0,32,,2,88,2,88 This is the header
                                   information for printer.
                                   See the Updated PCL 5
                                   Technical Reference
                                   Manual for further
     DATA 255,255,255,255          Triangles are used for
                                   this example of a
                                   pattern.  The numbers are
                                   the decimal equivalents
                                   of information necessary
                                   to create image.
     DATA 127,255,255,126          For this example a
                                   pattern of triangles is
                                   used.  The numbers are
                                   the decimal equivalents
                                   of information necessary
                                   to create image.
     DATA 63,255,255,252           Same as above.
     DATA 31,255,255,248           Same as above.
     DATA 15,255,255,240           Same as above.
     DATA 7,255,255,224            Same as above.
     DATA 3,255,255,192            Same as above.
     DATA 1,255,255,128            Same as above.
     DATA 0,255,255,0              Same as above.
     DATA 0,127,254,0              Same as above.
     DATA 0,63,252,0               Same as above.
     DATA 0,31,248,0               Same as above.
     DATA 0,15,240,0               Same as above.
     DATA 0,7,224,0                Same as above.
     DATA 0,3,192,0                Same as above.
     DATA 0,1,128.0                Same as above.
     LPRINT CHR$(27);"*c5Q;        Makes pattern permanent.
     LPRINT CHR$(27);"*c600a600B"; Specifies a 2-Inch high
     LPRINT CHR$(27);"*c32G"       Specifies User-Defined
                                   Pattern ID number.
     LPRINT CHR$(27);"*c4P         Fills a rectangle area of
                                   the specified width with
                                   the specified area fill.
     LPRINT CHR$(27);"E"           Resets printer.

            Copyright  Hewlett-Packard Co. 1993
   The information contained herein is subject to change
                      without notice.
   Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for incidental or
  consequential damages in connection with the use of this

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