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Language Pcl LJ2009.ASC


     The Raster Fill ( RF ) Command is used to define a fill
     pattern to be used in other fill commands. The RF
     command does not select a fill type, it defines a user
     created fill type that can then be selected using the
     Fill Type ( FT ) command, with a type parameter of 11
     and the corresponding raster fill index number for the
     second parameter. For example FT11,3; for the index
     number 3. For more information see the PCL 5 Printer
     Language Technical Reference Manual.  The syntax for
     the RF command is as follows:
     RF index,width,height,pen number....pen number; or RF
     index; or RF;

     Index                         Specifies the index
                                   number of the pattern
                                   being defined.
     Width and Height              Specifies the width and
                                   height in pixels of the
                                   pattern being defined.
     Pen Number                    Represents a pixel in the
                                   pattern being defined and
                                   indicates its color,
                                   black (>0) or white (0).
                                   This parameter defines
                                   pixels left to right, top
                                   to bottom, and the total
                                   number of pen number
                                   parameters should be
                                   equal to the width times
                                   the height parameter. For
                                   example, to define a
                                   pattern that is 8 x16
                                   pixels, you need 128 pen
                                   number parameters. If not
                                   all pen parameters are
                                   specified, the remainder
                                   parameters default to
                                   zeros (white). The
                                   pattern that is created
                                   is printed in rows
                                   parallel to the plotter-
                                   units X-axis.

     LEGEND: Ec = [Ctrl] [P] [Esc] in DOS EDIT.
     EcE                           Resets the printer.
     Ec%0B                         Enters HP-GL/2 mode.
     IN;                           Initializes HP-GL/2 mode.
     SP1;                          Selects pen number 1,
                                   (black). Even though
                                   there is no physical pen,
                                   the SP command must be
                                   used to enable printing.
     PU5,5;                        Lifts the pen and moves
                                   to absolute position
     PA3500,2500:                  Specifies absolute
                                   plotting and moves to
     0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0;              Defines a raster fill
                                   pattern (index number 2)
                                   that is 8 dots wide by 4
                                   dots high. The dots are
                                   shown as they will appear
                                   in the pattern, they
                                   should ,be inputted into
                                   the program, on one line
     FT11,2;                       Selects the user-defined
                                   pattern just specified in
                                   the command above, with
                                   the index number of 2.
     RR4000,800;EP;                Fills a rectangle with
                                   the fill pattern just
                                   specified by the FT
                                   command, with the lower
                                   left corner at
                                   (3500,2500) and upper
                                   right 4000 plotter units
                                   (plu) to the right and
                                   800 plu up from that
                                   location. The EP command
                                   edges the polygon just
     Ec%0A                         Enters the PCL mode.
     EcE                           Sends a reset to end the
                                   job and eject the page.

            Copyright  Hewlett-Packard Co. 1993
   The information contained herein is subject to change
                      without notice.
   Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for incidental or
  consequential damages in connection with the use of this

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