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Language Pcl LJ2006.ASC


     This command selects the shading pattern used to fill
     polygons ( FP ), rectangles ( RA or RR ), wedges ( WG
     ), or characters ( CF ). The Fill Type command ( FT ),
     can use solid, shading, parallel lines (hatching),
     cross hatching, patterned (raster) fill, or PCL user-
     defined patterns. For more information see the PCL 5
     Printer Language Technical Reference Manual. The syntax
     for this command is as follows:
     FT fill type,[option1,[option2]]; or FT;
     LEGEND: Ec = [Ctrl] [P] [Esc] in DOS EDIT.
     EcE                           Resets the printer.
     Ec%0B                         Enters HP-GL/2 mode.
     IN;                           Initializes HP-GL/2 mode.
     SP1;                          Selects pen number 1,
                                   (black). Even though
                                   there is no physical pen,
                                   the SP command must be
                                   used to enable printing.
     PA2000,2000;                  Specifies absolute
                                   plotting and moves to
                                   location (2000,2000).
     FT;RR2500,300;ER2500,300;     Selects the default fill
                                   type (solid black); fills
                                   a rectangle using solid
                                   black fill, with the
                                   lower left corner being
                                   the current pen location
                                   and the upper right
                                   corner a point 2500
                                   plotter units (plu) to
                                   the right and 300 plu up.
                                   Edges the rectangle just
     PR0,300;FT3,80,30;RR2500,300; Specifies relative
                                   plotting and moves the
                                   pen up 300 plu; selects
                                   fill type number 3
                                   (parallel lines), with 80
                                   plu between each line,
                                   with each line tipped 30
                                   degrees. The RR command
                                   fills the rectangle with
                                   the fill type just
                                   specified, using the
                                   current pen location as
                                   the lower left corner,
                                   and a point 2500 X-units
                                   and 300 Y-units away as
                                   the upper right corner.
     ER2500,300;                   Moves the pen position up
                                   300 plu and specifies the
                                   fill type as 36% shading;
                                   fills a rectangle with
                                   that fill type, with the
                                   lower left corner being
                                   the current pen location
                                   and the upper right
                                   corner 2500 plu to the
                                   right and 300 plu up from
                                   there. The ER command
                                   edges the rectangle just
     Ec%0A                         Enters the PCL mode.
     EcE                           Sends a reset to end the
                                   job and eject the page.

            Copyright  Hewlett-Packard Co. 1993
   The information contained herein is subject to change
                      without notice.
   Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for incidental or
  consequential damages in connection with the use of this

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