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Language Pcl LJ1834.ASC


     In HP-GL/2 you can create a window where your image
     will print. If your HP-GL/2 commands move the pen
     outside of that window, that part of the image that is
     outside will not print. The IW command or Input Window
     command will let you define this window where the image
     will print. The IW command creates a "soft-clip"
     window, where HP-GL/2 commands will not print.  For
     more information see the PCL 5 Printer Language
     Technical Reference Manual.

     LEGEND: Ec = [Ctrl] [P] Esc] in DOS EDIT
     EcE                           Resets the printer.
     Ec%1B                         Enters HP-GL/2 mode.
     IN;                           Initializes HP-GL/2 mode.
     SP1;                          Selects pen number 1,
     SI.2,.35;                     Sets absolute character
                                   size to .2 x .35 cm.
     PA2000,3200;                  Specifies absolute
                                   plotting and moves to
                                   location (2000,3200)
                                   plotter units.
     DT@,1;                        Defines label terminator
                                   to be the "@" character,
                                   without printing the
     LBThis is an example of IW@;  Prints a label beginning
                                   at (2000,3200).
     IW3000,1300,4500,3700;        Specifies a soft-clip
                                   window in plotter units.
     PD2000,1700                   Moves the pen down and
                                   prints a line from the
                                   current pen position to
                                   (2000,1700). Current pen
                                   position at start of
                                   command is at the letter
                                   W baseline.
     LBThis is an example of IW@;  Prints the same label at
     PU3000,1300;                  Moves the pen up and to
                                   the position (3000,1300).
     PD4500,1300,4500,3700;        Moves the pen down and
                                   begins drawing the box
                                   indicating the soft-clip
     PD3000,3700,3000,1300;        Finishes drawing the soft-
                                   clip window box.
     PU;                           Moves the pen up.
     Ec%0A                         Enters PCL mode.
     EcE                           Resets the printer to end
                                   the job and eject the
            Copyright  Hewlett-Packard Co. 1993
   The information contained herein is subject to change
                      without notice.
   Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for incidental or
  consequential damages in connection with the use of this

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