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Language Pcl LJ1833.ASC


     This example will draw a few lines in both PCL and HP-
     GL/2 modes to demonstrate that the coordinate systems
     are lined up correctly (the end points of the lines
     LEGEND: Ec = [Ctrl] [P] Esc] in DOS EDIT
     EcE                           Resets the printer.
     Ec&l2A                        Sets the page size to
     Ec&l0O                        Specifies portrait
     Ec&l0E                        Sets top margin to 0
     Ec*p0x0Y                      Moves to position (0,0).
     Ec*c5760x7920Y                Sets picture frame to 8"
                                   x 11" (size of the
                                   logical page).
     Ec*c0T                        Sets picture frame anchor
                                   point to current PCL
                                   cursor position (0,0).
     Ec%1B                         Enters HP-GL/2 mode with
                                   the HP-GL/2 pen at the
                                   PCL cursor position.
     IN;SP1;                       Initializes HP-GL/2
                                   command values and
                                   selects pen number 1
                                   (black). The IN command
                                   moves the pen position
                                   from the anchor point to
                                   the HP-GL/2 origin, the
                                   lower-left corner of the
                                   PCL picture frame.
     SC0,3.3867,0,-3.3867,2;       Sets-up a user scale with
                                   a user-unit equal to
                                   1/300 inch. Scale command
                                   type 2, the scale is the
                                   ratio of plotter
                                   units/user-units (1016
                                   plotter units-per-
                                   inch/300 dots-per-inch =
                                   3.3867). The minus 2 Y-
                                   value changes the HP-GL/2
                                   Y direction to match that
                                   of the PCL coordinate
     IR0,100,0,100;                Places P1 (point 0,0) at
                                   the top of the PCL
                                   picture frame.
     PU0,0;                        Lifts the pen and moves
                                   to (0,0) (Upper left
                                   corner since HP-GL/2
                                   coordinate system now
                                   matches PCL coordinate
                                   system). Every subsequent
                                   pen move can be specified
                                   using the same coordinate
                                   numbers in either mode.
                                   The following commands
                                   demonstrate that the
                                   grids are synchronized.
     PU300,300;PD600,600;          Lifts the pen and moves
                                   it to (300,300); then
                                   draws a line to
                                   (600,600). This draws a
                                   line at a 45 angle down
                                   from the starting point.
     Ec%1A                         Enters the PCL mode with
                                   HP-GL/2's pen position
                                   being inherited as PCL's
                                   current active position,
     Ec*c300a4b0P                  Draws a horizontal line
                                   (rule) that is 30 PCL
                                   units wide by 4 PCL
                                   units. (Note that the
                                   cursor position after a
                                   rule is printed is at the
                                   beginning of the rule, in
                                   this case, (600,600)).
     Ec%1BPU;PR300,0;PD;PR0,500;   Enters HP-GL/2 mode
                                   (inheriting PCL's CAP)
                                   and lift the pen; moves
                                   to a point 300 user-units
                                   (dots) to the right;
                                   places the pen down and
                                   prints a line 500 user-
                                   units down.
     Ec%1A                         Enters the PCL mode with
                                   the CAP at the current HP-
                                   GL/2 pen position.
     EcE                           Resets the printer to end
                                   the job and eject a page.
            Copyright  Hewlett-Packard Co. 1993
   The information contained herein is subject to change
                      without notice.
   Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for incidental or
  consequential damages in connection with the use of this

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