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Intel x86 Instruction set

80X86OPS Intel - x86 Software Developers - Instruction Set Reference

Name	Operands	Machine encoding 
-----	---------------	---------------------------------------------------
 AAA			00110111
 AAD			11010101 00001010
 AAM			11010100 00001010
 AAS			00111111
 Mpf	Dst	 Src	00Mop0dw MdRegR/m {disp}	 {disp}
 Mps	R/m	 B/w	100000sw MdMopR/m {disp}	 {disp}   data	   {data}
 Mpf	Accum	 B/w	00Mop10w data		 {data}
 BOUND	RgW	Md	01100010 MdRgWR/m disp	 disp
 CALL	LblNear		11101000 disp	disp
 CALL	LblFar		10011010 disp	disp	 disp	  disp
 CALL	Rw/Mw		11111111 Md010R/m
 CALL	Md		11111111 Md011R/m
 CBW			10011000
 CLC			11111000
 CLD			11111100
 CLI			11111010
 CMC			11110101
 CMPSz			1010011z
 CWD			10011001
 DAA			00100111
 DAS			00101111
 DEC	Rb/m		1111111w Md001R/m {disp}	 {disp}
 DEC	RgW		01001RgW
 ENTER	Word	Byte	11001000 word------------  byte--
 ESC	Bit6	R/m	11011TTT MdLLLR/m
 HLT			11110100
 Rop	R/m		1111011w MdRopR/m {disp}	 {disp}
 IDIV   		1111111w Md111R/m 
 IMUL	Rb {Rb/Ms} B/w	011010s1 MdRegR/m {disp}	 {disp}   data	   {data}
 IN	Accum	B/w	1110010w data	{data}
 IN	Accum	DX	1110110w
 INC	Rb/m		1111111w Md000R/m
 INC	RgW		01000RgW
 INSz 			0110110z
 INT	Byte		11001101 data
 INT	3		11001100
 INTO 			11001110
 IRET 			11001111
 Jcond	lblShrt		0111cond disp
 JCXZ	lblShrt		11100011 disp
 JMP	LblShrt		11101011 disp
 JMP	LblNear		11101001 disp	disp
 JMP	LblFar		11101010 disp	disp	 disp	  disp
 JMP	Rw/mn		11111111 Md100R/m
 JMP	FAR	Md	11111111 Md101R/m
 LAHF 			10001111
 LDS	RgW	Mn	11000101 MdRgWR/m disp	 disp
 LES	RgW	Mn	11000100 MdRgWR/m disp	 disp
 LEA	RgW	Mn	10001101 MdRgWR/m disp	 disp
 LEAVE			11001001
 LOCK 			11110000
 LODSz			1010110z
 LOOPzz	Short		111000zz disp
 MOV	Dst	Src	100010dw MdRegR/m {DispLo} {DispHi}
 MOV	R/m	B/w	1100011w Md000R/m {DispLo} {DispHi} Data     {Data}
 MOV	wreg	B/w	1011wreg Data	{Data}
 MOV	Accum	Lable	101000dw OffsetLo OffsetHi
 MOV	SegDst	SegSrc	100011d0 MdSegR/m {DispLo} {DispHi}
 MOVSz			1010010z
 NOP			10010000
 OUT	Byte	Accum	1110011w Data
 OUT	DX	Accum	1110111w
 OUTSz			0110111z
 POP	RgW		01011RgW
 POP	Rw/mn		10001111 Md000R/m {disp}	 {disp}
 POP	Seg		000sr111
 POPA			01100001
 POPF			10011101
 PUSH	RgW		01010RgW
 PUSH	Rw/mn		11111111 Md110R/m {disp}	 {disp}
 PUSH	Seg		000sr110
 PUSH	B/w		011010s0 Data	{Data}
 PUSHA			01100000
 PUSHF			10011100
 Ttt	R/m	1	1101000w MdTttR/m {disp}	 {disp}
 Ttt	R/m	CL	1101001w MdTttR/m {disp}	 {disp}
 Ttt	R/w	Byte	1100000w MdTttR/m {disp}	 {disp}   Data
 REP	 StringInst	11110010
 REPE  StringComp	11110011
 REPNE StringComp	11110010
 RET	NEAR		11000011
 RET	NEAR	Word	11000010 Data	Data
 RET	FAR		11001011
 RET	FAR	Word	11001010 Data	Data
 SAHF 			10011110
 SCASB			10101110
 SCASW			10101111
 STC			11111001
 STD			11111101
 STI			11111011
 STOSB			10101010
 STOSW			10101011
 TEST	Reg	R/m	1000011w MdRegR/m {disp}	 {disp}
 TEST	R/m	B/w	1111011w Md000R/m {disp}	 {disp}   Data	   {Data}
 TEST	Accum	B/w	1010100w Data	{Data}
 WAIT			10011011
 XCHG	Reg	R/m	1000011w MdRegR/m {disp}	 {disp}
 XCHG	Accum	RgW	10010RgW
 XLAT			11010111

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