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2.0 Setting up InetServ

2.1 Installing on Windows 95
Just unzip the files and run InetServ.exe First you must click on initialize Registry, then you can do the rest of the setup.
2.2 Installing on Windows NT
Just unzip the files and run InetServ.exe First you must click on initialize Registry, then you can do the rest of the setup.
2.2.1 Installing it as a service
When installing InetServ on NT, you might want to run it as a full Server-Service. This is almost easy! Just run the Program inetsvc.exe with the following parameters:
inetsvc -i

Install the service (Goto Control/Services to start it)

inetsvc -u

Uninstall the service (Goto Control/Services to stop it)

The diplay name for InetServ is: "InetServ Windows NT Service"
Note: you must run InetServ in Display mode, before running as a service. So start InetServ.exe several times. :)

2.3 Setting up a simple Mail Server
Just click on the "Mail Server" Button, and:
  1. Set the right ports: SMTP is 25, POP3 is 110.
  2. Now you can Enter a Username, the login name, and the password.
    When running InetServ as a NT-Service you must
    1. Edit the file POPUSER.CTL to add the user name and password.
    2. Telnet InetServ on Port 110: Start/Run:
      TELNET localhost 110
    3. Then type:

      to tell InetServ to update the Userlist.
      I know this is not a nice way, there will be a remote Setup tool soon.

  3. You also need to fill out the "You are" list. It tells InetServ, when ever handle a mail local, or as unknown. Usually this is the name of your machine as set up in the network properties of win95/98/nt. This is how Inetserv knows that it's an email for a local user and not to forward it down the line. It should be the same as the email address that they are receiving for instance if people send mail to you like 'luke@myworkstation' then you need to have a 'myworkstation' entry in the hostname list. If you are on the internet and using it for internet email, then you should have something like '' as the hostname.
    Sample: ,, localhost, etc...
  4. If you are not useing MAPI, make sure that MAPI support is not enabled. This will cause the program to ignore messages.
2.3.1 The File POPUSER.CTL
Here all users are stored, who can use InetServ.
2.3.2 The File AKA.CTL
This file contains your names (see above at section 2.3)
2.4 Logging
You can log to screen or to file. First you should log to screen and file. if the server runs well, log to file only. InetServ creates rotating log-files, this means every da a new log-file. (*.log)
2.5 Testing the Services
To Test the services, simple setup a Mail Program like Netscape Messenger ,Internet Mail or Eudora Or Telnet the services at the specific ports.
TELNET <hostname> <portname>

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