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InetServ was origionally written by Thomas Kuiper. The project has since been taken over by Bruce J Peresky. It will continue to be freeware for personal use and until a commercial version is released freeware for commercial use as well.

This release is simply the version 3 of Thomas Kuiper's InetServ which was avalable on his site for approximately one week. Some of the texts have been changed to note the change of hands in the project. I have many plans for inetserv but they will take some time. The first plan is to write a help file for the program as there has never been one.

Of course the second plan is to change a few things in the program itself to reflect this changover. I hope that all of the inetserv users out there can appreciate the time it will take to change these things as there are many projects on my slate. I took this project over so this wonderful program wouldn't die. And so that Thomas Kuiper's dream will live on.

Special thanks to Thomas in believing that I could hold his dreams up high enough.

Here is the statement of the origional author posted to the mailing list about it:

I fixed most of the bugs and announced now version 3.0 of InetServ. I worked about 1 week fulltime on that new version due the holidays, and I'm afraid to tell you all this will be my last version of Inetserv for now. The supporting homepage will be shutdown (the file will still be placed at my server) since I'm not allowed to code other programs (contract between me and my new company I work for). I tested this version with Windows NT 4.0 (SP4) and it runs a lot of more stable and better now. I'm not sure if it runs fine with Windows 95/98. I'm unable to test that. I'm still open for your suggestions and questions via email but I'm unsure if I will publish a public version after this 3.0, which is kind of final, but still can get a lot of features. You can get the new version from the site as well as the source (including the service source code now and a tool to convert your userdatabase from 2.x to 3.0). I added mailing list support to Inetserv (I'm unsure if it really works well) it requires RelaySupport beeing activated. You see in the options "Use DNS Lookup" but this wont work. The mailing list in a simple text file placed in the directory "lists". See the file test.lst for example. There is no subscribe robot, you must add users manual. This is a experimental feature, like the webinterface, which can be run on a special port (use http://servername:portnumber/username) to get access to your mail via this feature. The telnet interface I added is some basic feature to give you the ability to create new Users via it. (Someone should make a documentation). Try "help" if you are in it and refer the files in the "telnet" directory for more info. Users need the T flag in general to get access and a O (operator) flag to add new users and such stuff. Well, this is all for now. Have fun with this and let me know any thoughts you have. I still remember the version 1.0 two years ago, and I'm prowd about 3.0 now and all the users who use it (well now its the only freeware server with basic list support for Windows, uhm). I never made money with Inetserv. The advertising stuff on my homepage did give me US$ 1,20. And they only pay if you come to at least US$ 4. Also nobody liked to be added to the sponsor dialog (which is removed now). So this last version is cardware. After Christmas I like this idea so you can send me a postcard if you like this program :) See the About Dialog for more info. My biggest wish is there would be more free software for Windows but I'm afraid that this will never happen and never such powerful like the programs you have with Linux. (why need windows if linux gives you the full house).

Have a good 1999!

Thomas Kuiper -

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