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Telnet Application

In windows, there are two basic types of Telnet. The GUI telnet that comes with 16bit Windows (3.11, 98, Me) and the CMD line telnet that comes with 32bit Windows (2000, XP). For some strange reason, Windows NT comes with the GUI telnet, but you can run the command line version on NT just fine.

Unlike *nix telnet applications, the Microsoft versions do NOT lend themselves to scripting at all. This appears to be an attempt by Microsoft to improve security or prevent hacking. As far as I can see, the following is the only solution to scripting telnet on the GUI version.

From: William Allen (
Subject: Re: telnet batch file 
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Newsgroups: alt.msdos.batch
Date: 2003-02-03 00:17:46 PST 

"Soenke Schreiber" wrote in message
> I'm looking for a batch file that enables me to pass several parameters via
> telnet, i.e. to execute several steps (commands) via a telnet connection to
> a remote host.

Here are two methods:

(a) Use the SendKeys method of WSH (Windows Script Host)
     (See Note 1)

This demo shows how to send a few keypresses to the Windows
TelNet client to start a connection to a remote host. You must
add further commands to the SendKeys Script in _TEMP.VBS

====Begin cut-and-paste (omit this line)
  :: Create SendKeys script
  ECHO.set sh=WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")>_TEMP.VBS
  ECHO.WScript.Sleep 1000 >>_TEMP.VBS
  :: Send Alt-C for menu item Connect "%%C" >>_TEMP.VBS
  ECHO.WScript.Sleep 1000 >>_TEMP.VBS
  :: Send R for sub-item Remote system "R" >>_TEMP.VBS
  ECHO.WScript.Sleep 1000 >>_TEMP.VBS
  :: Send Host Name "" >>_TEMP.VBS
  ECHO.WScript.Sleep 1000 >>_TEMP.VBS
  :: Send Alt-C to press Connect button "%%C" >>_TEMP.VBS

  :: Open a Telnet window - it will be the window with focus
  start /r TELNET.EXE

  :: Run the script to send keys to Telnet window
  cscript//nologo _TEMP.VBS

  :: Clear away workfile

====End cut-and-paste (omit this line)
Win9x GUI study/demo only. Cut-and-paste as Batch script (file with .BAT
extension). Lines that don't begin with 2 spaces have wrapped by mistake.

The character codes for SendKeys are fully explained in
the very detailed documentation of Windows Script Host.

(b) Alternatively, use a scriptable TelNet client

You could try the Tera Term (originally commercial software) scriptable
Telnet client. This is now freeware (but with no support). The Zip
package includes several example Macros, including one for automatic
login to a remote server (LOGIN.TTL).  The package includes an
explanation of the Tera Term macro language.

The package includes instructions to associate Macro files with the
Macro execution module, so you can run an entire automated Telnet
session by double-clicking a Macro file if you wish.

Tera Term ZIP package from:

William and Linda Allen
  Learn to write Batch Files on your Win95/98/ME PC. Free, interactive
  Web Course. Syllabus and Index to Lessons:

Note 1
WSH (Windows Script Host) enables routine tasks to be handled in either
VBScript or JScript. It's available as a free downloadable add-on for
the tiny proportion of Windows machines (mostly older Windows 95 ones)
which don't already have it (in one version or another). Documentation
is included as an HTML help file, and includes cut-and-pastable syntax
examples in VBScript and JScript for all features.

Windows Script Host information/upgrade-to-current-version/downloads:

By default, WSH installs CSCRIPT.EXE which is a Batch file
interface allowing all WSH functionality to be run from a normal
DOS-style Batch file. This interface provides Windows machines
with a massive extension to the traditional Batch functionality.

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