Appliance Module  

The design of an X-10 compatible appliance module is described in detail. It may be assembled as-is or  customised by a competent home constructor. All functionality is supplied by a PIC16C54 micro-controller at the  heart of the module.

Schematic, circuit description and printed circuit board design are provided in Acrobat PDF format along with  full source code for the PIC16C54.

Download full documentation x10am1.zip (160kbytes)

Acrobat Reader is required

NEW - Code revised so PIC16F84 may be used in place of PIC16C54.
Download new  source and object files
x10am2.zip (6kbytes)


Contact Philip Plunkett, the designer, pplunkett@cix.co.uk

The Appliance Module utilises a tuned transformer, model 707VXA042YUK, manufactured by TOKO.
The design notes list several suppliers of the TOKO coil. Not all are now good. The best supplier would appear to be B.E.C. Distribution.
You will find this coil on their web site if you go to 'online catalogue' and search for 707VXA042YUK.

They usually have many TOKO 707VXA042YUK coils in stock.
Their part number for the coil/transformer is 380042.
They will ship overseas.
They accept credit cards.
Their minimum order is GBP 5.00

B.E.C. Distribution Ltd.
12 Elder Way
Langley Business Park
Tel. +44 1753 549502
Fax +44 1753 543812