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uestions? Call toll free (800) 6S0-9110.

Now you can accept CHECK PAYMENTS over the PHONE, FAX, or E-MAIL. And it's faster and simpler than you'd ever think. Cyber Promotions, Inc. has been succesfully accepting this new form of payment with tremendous success -

AND NOW YOU CAN ACCEPT CHECKS BY PHONE/FAX/EMAIL - with the same unique software that we use every day...


A Customer with MONEY to SPEND calls you with an order. You enter the information into your computer, and in MINUTES, you print out a check that's ready for deposlt. Yes - it's really that EASY! And there's more....

No outside service provider is needed. There are businesses which offer this service. But then you have the hassle of dealing with a middle-man who takes a piece of the profits - and you still have to wait for your check in the mail!

With our program, you produce the check, IN HOUSE - right from your computer and laser printer. Think of it - you avoid the cost of processing credit card orders and maintaining a merchant account. And the hassle of COD's is gone forever!


Yes, over 70 MILLION AMERICAN consumers do not have credit cards, but do have CHECKING ACCOUNTS. Openlng your business to this HUGE segment of the market will INCREASE YOUR SALES! And, many people who have credit cards PREFER to Pay by check, especially for buslness expenses.

This checkwriting program is not like the accounting or financial software available in stores. CHEKFAXX software enables you to prlnt depositable checks and meets the standards set by the AMERICAN BANKERS' ASSOCIATION by printing routing numbers and bank codes right on the check.

CHEKFAXX software is like nothing you've ever seen before. It's cutting edge. As more and more of our society goes "on-line," CHEKFAXX is becoming the preferred method of payment.

CHEKFAXX software is especially ideal for small and home-based businesses. When YOU need to get paid NOW - you need Checks by Fax Software!

Get in on the greatest method of payment since the credit card - and reap the rewards!


Step ONE: Your customer gives you authorization and checking account information over the phone or by eMail, or faxes you a copy of their signed check, to purchase your services or merchandise.

Step TWO: Fire up our software and enter the information. The software verifies the correct routing number and checks data. You can print the check immediately, or save to print later with a batch of checks.

Step THREE: Deposit the printed checks.


The standard software edition contains the following features:

ISSUER - The heart of the system. Records check information from your customer, such as Bank Routing number, Bank Address, and other data you will need to print the check.

VIEWER - Take a look at any check data entered, complete with search capability

PRINTER - Print Command Central! Print (or reprint) any check in the system. Includes capability for alignment, print delay, and review of checks due now and in the future. Prints check stubs to detach and mail as the customer notice.

DATABASE SELECTOR - Creates or Selects any database that has been created for checks: Bank, Client or Vendor. Can create a database for any specific operator, client or any other unique grouping of check information.

EDITOR - Add, change, and delete options for any checks anywhere in the system.

OTHER FEATURES (Other check-by-fax software distributors charge extra for the following features. We give them to you for FREE!)

DATABASE REPORTS - Report generator for screen and hardcopy, plus EXPORT ta to 18 different types of files (1-2-3, Excel, text files, etc.)

PASSWORD PROTECTION - Assign a hidden password to prevent unauthorized use of the MICR Check Writing Software.

CHECK SCHEDULER - Checks to be scheduled for future payments on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Ideal for recurring payments, or when you need to schedule a payment on a specific date.

EXTENDED CLIENT RECORDS - Assign account numbers to clients and pull up all their associated information on the ISSUER screen, to speed up the process for your frequent customers.

MENU RECORD RECALL - Presents the operator with the last 100 check entries recorded, for selection in VIEWER or CHECK EDIT MODE.

Hardware & Software Requirements:


This software is currently being sold for well over $500.00 by other distributors. The following is a quote from one of the LESS EXPENSIVE vendors...

(same features as our package)


A*t*m*t*d B*s*n*s*s S*r*i*e*
E. Palmdale Bl.
Palmdale, CA 93550-4909

Now, on the other hand, Cyber Promotions, Inc. has the luxury of selling this powerful software for MUCH LESS than the "competition" because we can sell a much a higher quantity. We serve over 900,000 business people through e-mail, daily!

Our limited time SPECIAL PRICE is only $295 including FREE OVERNIGHT FEDEX SHIPPING/HANDLING!! A N D, You receive UNLIMITED FREE SUPPORT. We have a telephone support line that is available to all LICENSED OWNERS of the software.

Please hurry - we have a limited number of software licenses available at this time, so this special is good while supplies last. Sorry, no rainchecks at this time.

So what do you have to lose, other than SALES if you let this opportunity pass you by!

Take advantage of the very same software that we, at Cyber Promotions use every day. Our sales increased by over 50% as soon as we started accepting checks by fax!

And don't forget, you can try this software AT NO RISK. When you first receive your software, it will work in "demo" mode. This will allow you to test all of the features, except you will only be able print checks up to $5.00. If you decide that you wish to return the software, we will refund your money, no problem. On the other hand, if you, like 99% of our other clients, decide to keep the software, you can call our technical support line to "unlock" the software, over the phone, which will allow you to use the software without any limitations.

And, if you order within the next 48 hours, we will include, free of charge, 100 blank check sheets to get you started! In other words, tomorrow - you can announce to all of your customers that you proudly accept checks by fax/phone/email!! You will have everything that you need to rocess their orders by 3:00 tomorrow!


If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (800) 650-9110 or (215) 289-4610 We have included a convenient "Frequently Asked Questions" section below the order form.


Please print out this order form and then fill in the blanks.

Yes! I would like to accept checks by fax/phone/email!! Please FEDEX the software at once!

I am ordering within 48 hours! Please send me the free 100 blank check sheets with the software package. (Regular blank check sheet prices are listed below this order form)








We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover, Checks by mail or fax, or Money Order by mail. The following information will be held in the strictest confidence...

Credit Card: Visa Mastercard AmEx Discover Card #:

Expiration Date:

Name on Card

Please lndicate amount $ ($295)




(If you fax a check, there is no need for you to send the original check. We will draft up a new check, with the exact information from your original check)

I authorize Cyber Promotions, Inc. to charge an additional $25 fee if my check is returned for insufficient or uncollectable funds. I authorize Cyber Promotions, Inc. to quote any positive testimonial that I may offer, without prior notice.

Please fax these forms to: 1-800-650-9230 or 1-215-288-9230 (If you have trouble getting through to our primary fax numbers, you can try our new backup fax number: 1-215-743-3750)

If you feel more comfortable sending payment through the mail, please send all forms and check to:

Cyber Promotions, Inc.
8001 Castor Avenue, Suite #127
Philadelphia, PA 19152

If you have any questions, please feel free to call: (800) 650-9110 or (215) 289-4610

*** Frequently Asked Questions ***

1. LEGALITY: Is this method of receiving payment for goods and services legal?
Telephone checks and checks-by-fax are established as a legal method of payment, as provided in :

Uniform Commercial Code, Title 1, Section 1-201(39) and Title 3, Sections 3-104, 3-401, and 3-403; Code of Federal Regulations, Title 12, Chapter II, Part 210 and Regulation J, Federal Reserve Bank, Part 2, Sections 4a-201 to 4a-212. Only verbal agreement is required for authorization. See Romani vs Harris 255 Md.389.

2. Check Paper Stock: Where can I get check paper and what does this paper cost?
You can purchase blank check paper by going to your yellow pages and looking under headings such as: Paper, Check Servlces, Check Printers etc... If you don't have any local suppliers for this paper, you can get it frcm us for as low as 7 cents each.

250 sheets.............$42.50
500 sheets.............$77.50
1,000 sheets...........$112.50
2,000 sheets...........$185.00
4,000 sheets...........$280.00

These prices include UPS ground shipping and handling!

3. Bank Accounts: Do I need a special bank account for this type of check?
No you don't. You can deposit bank drafts that are printed with this software program lnto your regular checking account you are already using.Banks will treat these bank drafts the same as they do regular checks that you deposit on a daily basis.

4. FAX Machines: Do I need a special fax machine to accept checks-by-fax?
No you don't. You can accept checks-by-fax using any kind of fax machine, including the fax board in your computer. All you are doing when you get a check over your fax machine is inputting the information from the check into the checks-by-fax computer software and then printing out a check on your own printer.

5. Signatures: If there is not a signature on the check, won't the bank reject the check?
When the checks are deposited, you act as the signature representative for this transaction so you sign on both the front and back of the check. Cyber Promotions and many of our clients have deposited checks this way for many months without a single problem.

6. Service Bureaus: Wouldnt it be simpler to use one of the many check-by-phone or fax processing service bureaus to process my checks-by-fax or phone processing?
No it wouldn't. The data that you would have to send them is the same data you would input into your own computer (15 seconds of input). Why would you want to pay a service bureau a $250 - $450 fee for the privilege of paying them $1-$3 per check, (or worse: A PERCENTAGE OF THE CHECK AMOUNT!) plus the cost of having the checks sent overnight to you? You can pay for the software to do it yourself before you even get started with a service bureau. Also, why would you want to waste 2-5 days waiting to get your checks so you can process your orders, when you can process, print and deposit your checks within minutes? There is absolutely NO BENEFIT to using a Service Bureau when you can use the same type of software they have been using for years.

7. NON-Windows Versions: Do You have a MAC Version?
No. But There is a new software by Insignia Solutions called SoftWindows on MAC which allows you to run every Windows and DOS application on your MAC. Guaranteed!

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