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Datafile Charset Extractor FONT12X16.BAT.TXT

@echo  off
echo SX version...
png2charset.exe -w 12 -h 16 -b 12 font12x16.png font12x16sx.asm
echo PIC version (two pixel lines packed in three 8 bit words)...
png2charset.exe -w 12 -h 16 -b 8 -r 0x -m a7a6a5a4a3a2a1a0b7b6b5b4-b3b2b1b0c7c6c5c4c3c2c1c0 font12x16.png font12x16pic8.asm
echo PIC version (one pixel line packed in one 14 bit word)...
png2charset.exe -w 12 -h 16 -b 14 -r 0x font12x16.png font12x16pic14.asm

file: /Techref/datafile/charset/extractor/font12x16.bat.txt, 0KB, , updated: 2001/2/8 16:32, local time: 2024/6/22 12:48,

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