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CyOS is a full multitasking operational system. CyOS main features: The CyOS functionally represents a multitask environment with an interprocess interaction. It includes peripherals access, a file system, a graphics support, sound, dynamic loaded units, applications archives, and means of information transmission via radio channels.

CyOS handles a task comprising one or several threads, or processes executed in pseudo-parallel as in displaced multitasking. The synchronization of threads is carried out by Mutex, Flag, and Flagex. A thread can be in the process of fulfillment, or queuing for fulfillment, or hibernating ahead of an event as in a timer.

The sending of messages addressed to processes on other devices represents the network exchange. The transmission is carried out through a radio channel with automatic assembly/disassembly of packages and a notice of delivery.

Application are located on a file device as archives comprising several files. An archive includes a module under execution, resources files, and application description files in the oblate sort. When an application is started from the archive, the system extracts and unpacks the module under execution in its memory.

The application usually creates an object of the main process, bans outloading of the module from the memory, and returns the control to OS. After the initialization of an internal state, the created process transfers to the expectation of messages. The processor time is not spent on it. When a message arrives, the process revives, processes the message, and returns to the expectation mode.

Dynamic linking allows storing of frequently used components in separate executable modules, thus saves both long-storing device memory and RAM. CYBIKO gives a standard set of such modules.

System Pack is a set of standard interface modules and dynamic libraries. The main goal of System Pack is to provide uniform user interface in all applications.

There are currently seven libraries in the System Pack: Settings, Locales, Finder, Servers, Power Saver, CyWin, and Custom Dialogs. These libraries are intended to help programming in such features as communication with people, running applications, storage of various configuration data, handling different locales, management of system power, and graphics user interface.

All important system configuration settings are contained in specially organized storage. You can easily access or change these settings through the Settings library. If you need to display the current time for the user, you can take advantage of the Locales library because time is different for different countries. Using the Finder, you can determine how many people are currently around you and find out their nicknames and other data through a few function calls. Almost every application requires various data windows such as dialog boxes, forms, menus, and lists to display information to the user in a suitable form. The CyWin library can help you solve these tasks.

Service applications included in the System Pack provide a basic set of necessary user functions. They allow easy graphical management of programs on your Cybiko computer, store information about you and your friends, search for people, configure systems, and so on.


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